“1917,” “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker,” And “Uncut Gems”: Films To See In December

Believe it or not, we’ve entered the month of December. Somehow, yesterday was December 1st. It’s crazy, right? We’re officially in the final month of the year. As such, the last crop of film releases will be hitting screens over the next few weeks. The movies coming out are a pretty eclectic mix of big budget titles and Academy Award hopefuls, as it always is around this time of year. Hell, one or two of them even hope to be both. Below you’ll be able to see ten of the best bets for the month, along with a bunch of really worthy Honorable Mentions as well. We’re going to wrap up the year with some truly interesting flicks. I’ve seen almost all of the too, so you can trust me when I say that, not that you shouldn’t already trust me by now…
Here are the very best cinematic bets for December:

10. Cats – It exists! The adaptation of the hit Broadway musical has gotten some incredibly poor buzz this year, mainly due to a terrible trailer and rumors of how expensive it is, alongside a rush to finish post production by the end of the year. We’ll hopefully be seeing it soon, so that will be the time to judge. For now, if nothing else, it’s a curiosity?
9. Clemency – From the Sundance Film Festival to being one of the final releases of the year, this death row melodrama hopes to get Alfre Woodard a Best Actress nomination at the Academy Awards. Personally, I think this one is more of a mixed bag than most, but Woodard and Aldis Hodge are as good as advertised. Sit tight for more on this one at the end of 2019.
8. A Hidden Life – Terrence Malick is back in critics’ good graces for this World War II era character study. Depending on how much Fox Searchlight pushes Jojo Rabbit to the finish line as their prestige player, this could either be a surprise Academy favorite or ignored completely. Malick himself has tons of respect, but will that translate into any notable awards attention over the next few weeks?
7. Little Women – This adaptation by Greta Gerwig is going to be an interesting one to follow at the end of the year. Will audiences and voters flock to it like the previous cinematic versions of the classic novel? That remains to be seen. Gerwig’s […]

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