Andrew Yang Sprays Whip Cream Into Kneeling Guy’s Mouth, Panicked Staff Try to Stop Him

Presidential candidates trying to win over voters by appearing approachable can be a tricky business, as the public scrutinizes every move.

Andrew Yang’s staff was well aware of this during a campaign office opening on Tuesday in Manchester, New Hampshire when they attempted to stop the former tech executive from what could have been conceived as an embarrassing and disastrous situation for his candidacy.

“We’re growing and growing. We’re in a peak at the right time,” Yang said to the audience at the office. “When other campaigns are scaling back and shrinking, we are hiring and expanding,” he added as he celebrated by shaking a can of whipped cream and spraying it into a kneeling supporter’s mouth, who was wearing a MATH hat (Make America Think Harder) at the time.

“The office opening is complete!” Yang exclaimed before heading over to another kneeling supporter and began giving him a mouthful of dairy dessert as well.

But this time, his campaign manager quickly jumped in and gently pulled Yang away from the sticky situation.

It was unclear where the can of whipping cream came from and why it was there in the first place, but fans didn’t care as they took to Twitter to let their feelings be known on the candidate’s accidentally risque spectacle.

“This’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen all day. And his campaign manager was thinking the same thing,” one user posted, with another adding, “What’s this? Whip cream shaming?? Lighten up. It’s all good fun unless you’re reading something else into it.”

But some thought the meme-able moment might hurt the fledgling politician’s chances for the 2020 candidacy as a follower posted, “This is terrible. Yang will go out with a bang. Just not a good one,” with another chiming in, “LOL at all the people dropping in pretending that they think optics don’t matter in a presidential campaign.”

Yang threw his hat into the Democratic candidacy ring in November, 2017, running on several campaign slogans, including “Humanity First,” “Make America Think Harder” (“MATH”), and “Not Left, Not Right, Forward.”

The entrepreneur, philanthropist and lawyer was considered a long shot, but has gained momentum in the polls recently, according to Rolling Stone.

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