Can Netflix Score Three Best Picture Nominations This Year?

After coming up just short in the Best Picture race last year, getting a nomination for Roma but losing to Green Book, Netflix is on a quest to take the crown this time around. To that end, they’ve come out with a slate in 2019 that features multiple Academy Award contenders. In fact, they have four major Oscar hopefuls, with Dolemite Is My Name, The Irishman, Marriage Story, and The Two Popes, each of which is getting full pushes by the streaming giant. Across the board, pundits, including myself, have The Irishman and Marriage Story in the top tier of Best Picture nominees. Most have The Two Popes getting in as well. This leads to the question of the day…can Netflix do the (almost) impossible and three of their titles into Picture?
The same distributor or studio getting three films into Best Picture almost never happens. It’s been well over half a decade since it last happened, and these days, it’s unheard of. To even be in contention for such a feat is something special, especially in this day and age where so often we see less awards season fare presented with a big push, not more. The blockbuster has become the studio currency, not the prize winner. To that end, there isn’t the same gigantic crop of contenders we used to see out of Hollywood. Mid level studios and the more independent distributors (or what used to be indies before they were all bought up) dominate the field now. However, Netflix is attempting to change the game. Here in 2019, they’re oddly not alone though, as you’ll see next.
Interestingly, Sony also has a chance to pull this off. They have Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood in the thick of the race to actually win Best Picture (some, like myself, even have it in the pole position right now), while A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and Little Women are Oscar hopefuls with chances to be nominated. I hinted at this in a recent prediction update, but if you have both Netflix and Sony doing this, that’s six of a maximum ten slots going to two studios. Simply put, that’s not going to happen. Sony would wildly exceed expectations if their other two flicks get in, but at least for now, two spots going to them is not out of the question at all.
Now, back to Netflix. Their two highest profile […]
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