Khloe Kardashian Claps Back at Fans Coming After Her Friends for Helping Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian knows she has to put up with a lot of scrutiny and criticism from fans on social media as a public figure, but she clearly draws the line when people start coming for her friends.

After Malika and Khadijah Haqq were spotted helping Tristan Thompson pick out a diamond necklace as a gift for Khloe in the latest installment of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” social media lit up with fans trashing the twins for stepping in to help him after how things went down between Tristan and Khloe.

Khloe Kardashian Conflicted After Tristan Thompson Gives Her Diamond Ring on KUWTK

On Tuesday, Khloe decided she’d finally had enough and went off in a series of tweets aimed at those meddling viewers, telling them they couldn’t possibly know the whole story after watching a television show.

She went on to basically tell them to check themselves unless their lives are absolutely perfect. “People love to have an opinion when they’re behind a computer screen,” she wrote. “I’m fine with opinions. Just make sure you live the life you so quickly judge others about.”

But the bottom line is that Khloe has developed a pretty tough skin when it comes to people criticizing every little thing about her — she’s been enduring their brutality for years, after all — but she’s not going to stand for it when they start coming after those close to her.

“People can talk about me all they want. I’m cool with that. I’m used to it,” she emphasized. “But don’t talk about my friends! They are nothing but incredible.”

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Oh, and in case those fans weren’t paying attention, Khloe laid it all out in the episode itself regarding how she felt about Tristan giving her the necklace as a gift — and the even more awkward diamond ring he followed it up with (the twins had nothing to do with that one!).

Whatever her feelings about the gift, there was absolutely no negativity toward the twins for simply trying to help out someone Khloe is maintaining a positive and, yes, loving relationship with.

And Malika explained that her reasoning for helping Tristan when he reached out was always with Khloe in mind. “I think that Khloe’s priority is to have peace in her relationship with Tristan,” she explained. “And if this is just one step towards him showing her that he wants her to feel better, I think it’s good.”

And Khloe thought it the “sweetest, kindest gesture” from Tristan, but apparently none of that is good enough for some of her followers, who decided to let them know how the twins were wrong and she was wrong and Tristan is still wrong.

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At this point, Khloe’s focus is on maintaining a good co-parenting relationship with Tristan, which she has said is going very well. If part of that includes gestures of kindness from Tristan and she’s cool with it, that’s her choice. In the past, Tristan has made overtures about wanting to get back with her and Khloe has effectively handled her business.

It’s something she’s become quite good at; standing on her own two feet after dealing with a devastating cheating scandal with Tristan just days before giving birth, followed by allegations of some more-than-friends behavior between him and her one-time BFF Jordyn Woods back in February.

Suffice to say, Khloe does not have blinders on when it comes to Tristan. And she definitely is not keeping the gloves on when it comes to people coming after her friends simply for doing something kind for someone she still cares about.

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