Leah Messer, Jeremy Calvert Reveal Drama with Corey Simms on Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Leah Messer is caught in the middle of drama between her two baby daddies.

The “Teen Mom 2” star was joined by Jeremy Calvert, her ex-husband and father to one of her daughters, on Part 1 of MTV’s reunion special Tuesday night, where he unloaded on her other ex. Corey Simms, with whom Leah shares twins Aleeah and Aliannah, came up when Dr. Drew asked if the two dads still “got along.”

“No,” he quickly responded. When probed for more, he added, “We get along but I just don’t agree with a lot of shit.”

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Dr. Drew, of course, asked for specifics and Jeremy didn’t shy away from sharing them. He claimed Leah was the only one who attends doctors appointments with their daughter Ali, who has Titin’s muscular dystrophy. Jeremy then said he believed Corey “uses” Leah all the time, even as Messer tried to give him the benefit of the doubt by saying she’d be going to every single one of Ali’s appointments anyway.

“You still can make an effort to go. I don’t give a f–k if its a two minute appointment, at least show your presence for your child,” he said, adding that Simms has no excuse. “Corey has a f–king great schedule, he works at home and he can take off whenever the f-k he wants to.”

He then mocked Corey by mimicking his voice and saying, “I’m gonna go fishing.” When asked if they’ve ever talked about this issue face to face, Jeremy said he “would never pull him aside because it would not end well.”

While she didn’t personally care if Corey showed up or not, Leah said she believes Ali would like him to be at those appointments.

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Talk then turned to Corey’s wife, Miranda.

“[Leah] can’t take the twins to their stepmom and drop them off, she has to wait for Corey,” said Jeremy. “[Miranda] wants zero to do with the twins, zero, and it’s obvious to anyone in the world.”

Leah said she believed “there’s definitely something going on,” but didn’t want to speak for Miranda. Messer also said she doesn’t have any communication with Miranda directly, but “would love to have a better relationship” with both her ex and his wife.

“The environment, even at a ball game, the kids feel that tension and it’s almost like, when Miranda arrives, Corey’s entire family stops talking to me and we all separate,” she added, as Jeremy kept jokingly referring to Miranda as “the queen.”

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Both Leah and Jeremy also spoke about their own relationship with each other during the reunion, following a season of will-they-or-won’t-they drama. At this point, they’re single.

When asked if everything was “officially over” between them, she answered affirmatively. “I feel like yes. I’m still growing in my life, so I’m just not ready to be exclusive with anyone,” she said. “I’m talking to other people. We both have been talking to other people.”

“Sometimes I wish I took her to dinner, but every time I took her to dinner something always happened that was out of my control,” added Jeremy. He added that sometimes he does wish it had worked out between them and he’ll “always love her,”

“Teen Mom 2” airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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