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I just need someone in my life
To give it structure
To handle all the selfish ways
I'd spend my time without her

You're everything I want
But I can't deal with all your lovers
You're saying I'm the one
But it's your actions that speak louder
Giving me your love
When you are down and need another
I've gotta get away and let you go
I've gotta get over

But I love you so
I love you so
I love you so
I love you so

I'm gonna pack my things and leave you behind
This feeling's old and I know
That I've made up my mind
I hope you feel what I felt
When you shattered my soul
'Cause you were cool and I'm a fool
So please let me go

But I love you so (please let me go)
I love you so (please let me go)
I love you so (please let me go)
I love you so

Production Company: Studio Boman
Direction & Editing: Matthew Boman
Commissioner: Devin Sarno
Visual Effects: Teenage Stepdad
Miniatures: Calder Greenwood
Cinematographer: Michael Gauthier
Producer: Barret Hacia
Second Unit Director: Ben Fee
Production Designer: Sunny Mills
Propmaster: Sadie Moon
Makeup Artist: Meg Wilbur
Gaffer: Jacob Abrams
1st AC: Ben Smith
Key Grip: Chris Waldorf
Swing / Driver: Ryan Hueter
Still Photography: Elena Kulikova
BTS Video: Drew Perez
Rigging: Kevin Scott Cannon
Lenses: Cinema Camera Rentals
Location: Fonco Studios

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