Reasons why only men should be feminists – Media personality, Ajike writes

Read the article by Ajike below… Please, before you start trying to use me as scapegoat for your anger be advised to direct it at the appropriate quarters such as the present government and more. If you’re open minded and care to listen, keep on reading then. The rest of you can stop here. I have to start by affirming that I’m NOT a feminist, and explain why. I believe that feminism is something MEN are to imbibe and apply to their daily life dealings. Why? Who exactly is a feminist? Someone who understands that women do have a RIGHT TO CHOOSE who or what they wanna be. Why is it important that women need this? Because it’s the MEN who take it away from them. Ergo, men SHOULD BE feminists. Men need to understand that other men would actually start giving a shit if only they do first. Wanna know why most men feel women carrying the feminist tag are man haters, cos the men that should actually stand up for them would rather remain on the sidelines looking in. No man really wants to carry the issue with their chest because of the fear of being called homophobic slurs. Even with all the macho man act, these men are weak because they don’t have to balls to stomach the hate their fellow men would throw at them. And you wonder why it gets harder for women to still be heard yeah? Because the men ain’t doing shit for shit! None of them have actually gone out of their way to fully withstand the hate their fellow men toss at female feminists. So women, why do y’all even bother when your men don’t care enough to help promote your rights and equality? Wanna know why? It’s because men still benefit from misandry, chauvinism and sexism. Believe it or not, that ‘feminist’ man you know is only feminist to a point—where it stops favoring him. I’m yet to meet a Nigerian man who fully understands and supports feminism fully, and not just the parts they are okay with. And the women ain’t helping much with all the hate they spew under the guise of being feminists. Know what’s worse tho? When some of these female feminists decide which feminism is better than the other. What happened to having a right to choose? When did it become “my feminism is better than yours”? For those who honestly and truly don’t know what feminism is, please do some damn research. Stop embarrassing your future generation by carrying a tag you only half understand. Feminism can actually change the world that women and men thrive in but no, y’all will rather waste time policing who is a “pick me” or not. I wanna employ our men especially to either be fully feminist and own it with their chest or just be what exactly you are and do same, own it. Don’t be acting like you’re all down with the movement just because you’re tryna smash that just means you’re worse than a thief. Because it’s premeditated. If you really care about helping women fight for their rights, what have you actually done to help this? Yes, I’m asking you!The post Reasons why only men should be feminists – Media personality, Ajike writes appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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